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Delta geometry is very stable it consists of three arms connected to universal joints at the base. The key design feature is the use of parallelograms in the arms, which maintains the flat orientation of the end effector. Delta robots are popular in picking and packaging factories because they move quite fast, some executing up to 300 picks per minute.

Most 3D Printers use 1/16 stepping while our Trinity 3D Printers use 1/128 stepping making it even more accurate.




All our 3D Printers come with a licenced copy of Simplify3D. Simplify3D tells the 3D printer how to print your model.

Simplify3D has a powerful simulation feature that allows you to watch the print on the screen in detail before you start your 3D Printer.

You can also automatically or manually add support material. We provide the filament material profiles.

You simply import the profile into Simplify3D and the settings are done for you, Next just add your model and print!

Simplify3D has great support and 3D Printing help guides




TNT Australia wide 2-4 days  $80 inc GST

International please see our shipping calculator




Our 3D Printers use 1.75mm filament and can 3D print all material types

We stock only the best tried and tested filaments!

Our faviorites are POLYMAKER and VERBATIM

Polymaker make a range of Hybrid materials like Polymax and Polycarbonate

Verbatim are known for there great quality ABS and PLA at a good price.




Trinity and Trinity XL come with 12 months return to base warranty.

We are here to help. Most problems can be easily solved with an email or phone call.




Trinity was designed to be maintenance free. It never needs leveling and it has polimer bearings that do not need oil.

Trinity XL never needs bed leveling but it does need a thin oil to be appiled to the HIWIN guides depending on machine usage. See instruction manual.




Anything you can draw on your computer and export as an .stl file you can print.

Most CAD and drawing programs such as Solidworks and Inventor can export drawings as stl files. There are free drawing programs available. We have found that Schools like to use Google sketchup. For free printable .stl files of gadgets and toys see websites like